A year ago today was my last blog entry.

7/24/2014 in Category

I'm embarrassed to say that it has taken me one whole year to write another blog for this website.  Mostly because I'm scared of this technology stuff and I never really know what I am... More

Which Hat Do I Wear Today?

7/24/2013 in Category

Ministry, vacation, year end reports, keeping the grass green, growing healthy vegetables and fruit, hosting mulitiple events at home, planning annual golf challenge fundraiser = no time to... More

We Are a Valuable Gift to God

7/10/2013 in Category

We value many things in this world like gold, antiques, one of kind items, original paintings and so on.  God created each one of us different from the other...ONE OF A KIND.   Pretty cool... More


5/22/2013 in Category

Our continued prayers and thoughts go out to all the folks of Oklahoma.  What a devastation of pain, confusion, and loss.  Lord, be with the families and all involved with the tragedy of... More

Happy Group

5/16/2013 in Category

Yesterday I had 14 youth in my group at Linn County Juvenile Detention.  This is a large group for me, I usually have an average of 10.  With that said the room was packed with students who... More