Which Hat Do I Wear Today?

Posted on by Jennifer Berg

Ministry, vacation, year end reports, keeping the grass green, growing healthy vegetables and fruit, hosting mulitiple events at home, planning annual golf challenge fundraiser = no time to think. 

Actually it's really not that bad but each year when I get to the middle of July I'm reminded of all the different hats I wear.  Gardener, mentor, landscape artist, administrative manager, event planner, fundraiser director and volunteer coordinator.  There is much to be done but all for a great cause.  When times get stressful and I become agitated I think of John's smile, the hugs from my bible study group, laughter from the youth when showing a video, tears of relief, and just knowing through Christ I am making a difference.

I look forward to the next few months they are going to be crazy but full of laughter, frustration, determination, character, and joy.  Talk to you next time as I go figure out what hat I'm wearing today.

Blessings.....Jen          (Yosemite National Park 2013)

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